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June 2021

Monthly Update – June 2021

The rollercoaster of investment life continues! After underperforming the S&P 500 in April, and outperforming it in May, it was back to underperformance in June!

Rug Pull

The Dangers of DeFi – My First Rug Pull

If you have spent any time in the DeFi space, you are probably familiar with the term rug pull. For many in the space, it is the worst-case scenario when exploring DeFi.

May 2021

Monthly Update – May 2021

May was a good month! Progress on the house front, a solid return from the Income portfolio and I finally took the plunge into crypto so I’ll cover that too.


How to Yield Farm With Aave on Polygon

Yield farming is the practice of extracting as much yield as possible from DeFi. In this post I show you how to yield farm with Aave on the Polygon network.

Founding vs Inheriting

Founding vs Inheriting – Thoughts

Institutions shape our world. They determine the news we see, the education we receive and the way we vote. Is the future of institutions changing? I believe it is.

April 2021

Monthly Update – April 2021

April 2021, the month of the Doge! In a month where Dogecoin rose 528%, this mere mortal not only underperformed the mighty Doge, but also the S&P 500!

Why Money Makes Me Happy

Why Money Makes Me Happy

It may not be the most Stoic thing to say, but money makes me happy. Not necessarily money itself, but what it represents and provides.

March 2021

Monthly Update – March 2021

March was a fun month! The Income Portfolio had a positive month, and I dipped my toe into the crypto world. Read on to see the performance and details.

December 2020

Monthly Update – December 2020

As 2020 draws to a close, this post outlines the performance of the income portfolio in December. We will also look at the overall performance since it’s inception in October 2020.

It's OK to Overspend... Sometimes

It’s OK to Overspend… Sometimes

If you spend time perusing the personal finance blog-o-sphere, you will come to two conclusions. One, you need to reduce the amount you spend. Two, you need to increase the amount you make. While that advice works, it could use a little wiggle room.

November 2020

Monthly Update – November 2020

It was another good month for the Income Portfolio! Read on to see how the portfolio performed, along with my savings and investments for the month.